Resources on Faith Integration and Music part two

Here are some more resources on Faith Integration and Music. These are posted with the usual disclaimer; many are not overtly theological or theistic in approach, but offer perspectives and observations that may be useful.

A Philosophy of Music Education: Advancing the Vision (3rd edition, Prentice Hall, 2003)
by Bennett Reimer
ISBN 0-13-099338-7

“This edition offers a synergistic solution to problems of prefessional philosophical uncertainty. It argues that what seem to be alternative value positions are better viewed as varied approaches to goals most music educators share, goals now encompassing a wider diversity of values than had previously been recognized.

A key addition is the author’s new theory of intelligence, based on roles rather than frames of mind. By demonstrating how each of various musical roles constitutes a particular manifestation of intelligence, he liberates the concept of intelligence from its traditional and continuing narrowness.”

The Aesthetics of Music (Oxford, 1997)
by Roger Scruton
ISBN 0-19-816727-X

“It came as a surprise that so dry a question as “what is a sound?”, should lead at last to a philosophy of modern culture. Had I though more about the Pythagorean cosmology, and the true meaning of harmonia, I should perhaps have known beforehand, that the ordering of sound as music is an ordering of the soul.”

Music, Meaning and Expression (Cornell, 1994)
by Stephen Davies
ISBN 0-8014-8151-1

the chapters:
1) Music and Language
2) Music and Pictures
3) Music and Symbols
4) The Fellings of the Composer and the Listener
5) The Expression of emotion in Music
6) The Response to Music’s Expressiveness
7) Musical Understanding

Music, Imagination and Culture (Clarendon, 1990)
by Nicholas Cook
ISBN 0-19-816303-7

Covers problems of perception, imagination, knowing and listening, all from perspectives of composers, performers and listeners.

The Music of Our Lives (Temple, 1991)
by Kathleen Marie Higgins
ISBN 0-87722-756-X

The only book I can find on music and ethics.

Theology, Music and Time (Cambridge, 1989)
by Jeremy S. Begbie
ISBN 0-521-78568-5

An interesting and well worked out theory of how music may provide insight into theology, and not just the reverse (the usual assumption). The main point here is in regard to time in both music and theology.

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