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Welcome to MusicalGod.  This blog is mostly about the connections between Christian faith and music, what is sometimes called “faith integration” with music.  The whole notion of “faith integration” is more subtle than it may appear at first hearing, and readers are invited to do some reading here to get a sense of it.  It is far more than merely using a discipline in the service of the church or in evangelism.  It implies that our faith will somehow impact the actual content of our disciplines, and the processes and procedures that support them.

I’m Phil Shackleton (also known as harmonicminer), a composer/arranger of music, professor of music, and generally curious person. My “handle,” harmonicminer, is a bit of a joke, because I don’t think the “harmonic minor scale” is a very good explanation for most minor mode music. Plus, every musician who knows me is aware that I’m always searching for new (to me) harmonies. So: harmonicminer.

Up front:  I am skeptical about the applicability to music of many of the common approaches to “faith integration,” and especially the relevance of those approaches to music theory, composition, performance, etc.  But I’m willing to be educated.

Comments are welcome, but sometimes moderated. Leaving a comment up doesn’t mean I agree with it, just that I don’t think it’s obscene.

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