Resources for Faith Integration and Music, part one


Here are some books that are very useful in this area. Look for another post with more soon.

Music and the Mind
by Anthony Storr. Music stimulates the mind, captivates the heart, and nurtures the soul. A distinguished psychiatrist ponders why.
ISBN 0-345-38318-4

Surprised by Beauty
by Robert R. Reilly. A listener’s guide to the recovery of modern music. The best composers and recordings of the last 100 years.
ISBN 0-9660597-4-3

Art in Action
by Nicholas Wolterstorff. A Christian perspective on aesthetics. Especially good for people who want to connect music to “the arts”.
ISBN 0-8028-1816-1

Theology and the Arts – Encountering God through Music, Art and Rhetoric
by Richard Viladesau. “… beauty is a means of divine revelation …. art is the human mediation that both enables and limits its revelatory power.”
ISBN 0-8091-3927-8

Unceasing Worship
by Harold Best. “…addresses popular misunderstandings about the use of music and offers correctives toward a more biblically consistent practice of artistic action.”
ISBN 0-8308-3229-7

2 thoughts on “Resources for Faith Integration and Music, part one

  1. These books are all interesting in various ways. Don’t expect easy, simple answers that immediately translate into application. You’ll have to do your own thinking.

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