OK, Time To Get Down (To It)


Some readers of this blog will probably be confused about all the fuss. What’s the big deal about integrating music and faith? Isn’t it obvious? Aren’t some songs Christian, and some not? Aren’t some styles of music more worshipful than others? Isn’t music the universal language? Isn’t it the words that make some music Christian?

And so on.

Just to start at a nice clear point, my answer to most of the questions above is, “probably not”.

You may disagree… and there’s a comment button below this post where you can say so.

In any case, my opinion is that we can’t have a real discussion of the integration of faith and music until we dispense with some common canards about music, and about the music of faith. So, over the next few days (if I’m lucky), or weeks (if I’m not), I’ll post explanations of why there aren’t that many useful analogies between music and mathematics, or music and language, or music and art, or music and communication.

I’d like to start a conversation here… so feel free to respond, and express your opinion.

One thought on “OK, Time To Get Down (To It)

  1. Well… I am one of the peeps who got clued into this site from Professor Lee, and I must say that it’s delightful to get plugged into your brain again, albeit virtually.

    I can see that I am going to have to step up my game in order to contibute anything worthwhile to the conversation here, as my self appointed role at Mike’s blog is pretty much the same as it was in your theory two class: be a smart alec and then get a C+.

    In the meantime, while I am thinking of something smart to say. I would love to direct your attention to a thoughtful post about this very topic that can be found here:


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